Episode 015: The Story of Murfie w. Preston Austin & John Fenley

Founded in 2010, Murfie was a unique streaming service that provided both physical and cloud-based storage for a user’s physical music collection. The company lasted for nine years before suddenly announcing its closure, only to be resurrected just weeks later by new owner John Fenley.

Murfie co-founder Preston Austin joins me first, to talk about the founding of the company and the original concepts behind it, as well as his current role as CEO of Rabble and its associated (and very cool!) Musicat service.

I then chat with John Fenley to find out what led to him buying what appeared to be a failed company, and his plans to restore all of its services to an increasingly anxious user base.

Links from the episode:



Capital City Records

John Fenley YouTube Channel

Episode 014: From PA to Eternity w. Justin Bender

Musician, producer and now mobile game designer Justin Bender is a long-time friend of yours truly, and asking him a be a guest on the show was a clear no-brainer.

From his time in bands like Cessate, Third Ion and Into Eternity, Justin has toured the world over and played in front of thousands of fans. He sits down with me to cover the course of his career writing and performing music, his production work with other bands, and the launch of his first-ever video game!


Links from the show:

Third Ion Website

Bitwad Entertainment

Episode 012: All Things Space Quest! w. The Space Quest Historian

We. Are. BACK!

From the farthest reaches of the chronostream, The Space Quest Historian rockets by to discuss the popular video game franchise, his own exploits around the adventure game universe, and his awesome efforts in getting Space Quest music pressed on vinyl!

Links to stuff mentioned in the episode:

Space Quest Historian Website

SQH on Twitter

Space Quest IV Reorchestrated – Blue Frogs Edition Vinyl Campaign!!

Episode 011: Chapter of the Mad w. Jameson Calantoc

Chapter of the Mad was the premiere online Metallica Fan Club Chapter from ’96-’99. Founder and chapter co-head Jameson Calantoc joins me via Skype to talk about his early days as a Metallica vinyl collector, the ambitious beginnings of Chapter of the Mad, and why it eventually shut down. I also get his thoughts on Metallica’s output in the years since, and an update on what he’s up to now.

Hint: His Metallica fandom is still alive and well!

Episode 010: Chip MF Zdarsky w. Chip Zdarsky

Comic creator Chip Zdarsky is my guest this week! What more do you need??

Ok, fine. Chip is the current writer on Daredevil, and has previously written Spider-Man, Star-Lord and Howard the Duck all at Marvel. He is also the co-creator of the wildly popular and award-winning Sex Criminals over at Image comics. 

Chip graciously sat down to discuss his career path from his indy days all the way to writing some of Marvel’s most popular characters and WHY ARE YOU STILL READING THIS?!?! Go listen!

Episode 009: Born to Entertain w. Mike Carroll

Musician and sound engineer Mike Carroll joins me via Skype to break down over a decade of being involved in the Edmonton music scene. We chat about his work as a sound engineer, his time in bands like The Cowabungas, Bikini Atoll Beach Party, and Systems To Chaos, and what a creative mind does when faced with social distancing.

He also throws in a tip that every sound engineer should know when working with live bands, and vice versa!

Episode 008: Happy Harbor Comics: A Retrospective – Part II w. Jay Bardyla

Part 2 of my conversation with Jay Bardyla as we look back over the history of Happy Harbor Comics, including two re-locations in less than two years, what went into their mammoth Free Comic Book Day celebrations, and when Jay knew it was time to finally step away from the institution he helped build. Plus Jay tells us what he’s been up to since the sale, and teases an all-new exciting project!

(For comic nerds, yes, this DOES count as a 1st Cameo Appearance, so this episode is now considered a Key Issue. Take that, speculators!)